Sunday, September 6, 2009

Holy crap she lives.......

I know it's been seriously ages since I've posted 2 months?
I've been a total slacker on the blog, and in world...but meh. :p Whatcha gonna do.
This summer has been super busy RL, and I've been enjoying it. :p

But I have got some new stuff for you, right after all the new information.
First off we've closed The Pounded Flounder. I know, horrible.
It was sad to see it go, but with having everything going on RL I just didn't have the time to devote to the mall that I needed to, and I didn't feel it was fair to the people who were renting there to not be promoting the place, or even put out new items to pull people in, or have events. So...
Heather from .hc&co. and I have got us some land in Arame for our main shops, and invited Holli Thespian from Holli Pocket and there you have it. Our fancy little enchanted swamp.

And now onto the new stuff.
Hot Mess. I love this outfit. Simply fantastic. I'm never taking it off.
L$149, comes with the black shirt, an extra gray shirt, the belted pin striped jeans and the black frop! platforms.

Laundry day socks. 3 sets of these in assorted colors/styles

Study date. Different colors available. One layer.

Scripted sneakers in Greens, Pinks and Browns.
Scripted to change size and texture.

Ruffles are so in.
Availabe in Pink and Gray

Retro glasses sun glasses.

Retro Eye Glasses

Gym Jackets

Hot Spot Tee

When I get bored I build silly furniture.
Toilet Seat Flower Planter. lol

Laundry room essentials

Summer nights patio table.
4 seats, no pose balls. Available in green, blue and natural

And I think that's it for now.
Check out the new place, the coordinates are on the pic at the very top of here.
I'm too lazy to find the SURL lol


<3 LawraLoo

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Amazing Talent...from Elijah, not me :p stuff from Frop! and a plug for some dang awesome music.
A couple years ago I found an awesome pianist off MySpace Music and since then I've been hooked. His name is Elijah Bossenbroek. His music has served for many countless hours of meditating, photography editing, and just plain relaxing. All of Elijah's songs have a very calming effect. One of my favorites is 'I give Up'
Head over to his website and listen to his is BY far the most amazing, beautiful piano music I've ever heard, and he continues to amaze me with his talant.
You can also check out his MySpace page to listen to more of his music, a video that is awesome, and more information about Elijah and his music.

Now...on to new Frop! stuff.
Some new tables that I'm in love with, available in red, olive, black and natural.

Graphic Tees, L$79 Each.

I've got some more stuff in the works, as well as a new bed, and a new entry bench that I'm just too lazy to take pics of right now up in Frop! Furnishings. Go check them out and say hi to the girls :)

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Frop! Is Hiring Live Models/CSR's

Frop! is currently hiring Live Models/CSR's for the main shop in Fropville.

This position includes being available at the shop, for a minimum of 6 hours a week, to model the Frop! clothing and accessories, and be there to answer questions regarding the mall and the shop.

This position is paid 35L/hour, plus you receive free frop!
We aren't setting any specific schedule, as I firmly believe that RL should always come before SL, and no sane person can 'schedule' SL into their lives.
We just ask that you maintain the minimum hours listed.

If you're interested in being part of the Frop! Team contact Lawra Fredrickson, or fill out an application at the main Frop! shop, located on the front porch. :)

Frop! Extra Dry!

Holy Updates batman!
Okay, first off...RFL Hunt.
Frop is participating in this, and has placed 15 roses around the sim with random Frop! goodies in them. Go check out the website to see what's going on.
Cash prizes for those with the most roses found! EGADS! 45,000 lindens? Get on it!

Now, on to new Frop! goodness.
All can be found in my mainshop - Fropville - 134,228, 23
Goooo get it.
Happy Summer Solstice and Fathers Day!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

New Frop! & Buy One Get One Free!

Oh my, new stuff. I know I've been gone for a while,but rl work has been nuts, and I don't think I've hardly been home all month.

But, don't fret...we have new stuff for you! Wahooo Frop!
Also, until 8pm tonight, the Buy One Get One Free Sale is still going on.
Step 1. Go to Frop!
Step 2. Buy Stuff!
Step 3. Send me a notecard with what you've bought, and what you want for free.

Save the planet! Recycle Boys Tee

More Jammies, these are retro! They come in packs of 2, pink & green

Retro Bikini Pack, comes with all 4 colors

Gym Socks! Godess I love these. =) All colors included in the pack!

Cotton bikini pack, all 4 colors included!

Ripped Shorts with belts, all colors included

Monday, June 1, 2009

Vendor Support Month!

Vendor Support Month has begun. =p
Go check out the blog and see what these awesome shops have in store for you!

<3 LawraLoo

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Stupid Sundays

New furniture set, and random bitchings.
First let me say, that some people make me lose faith in what I'm doing.....

I received a notecard today from a girl who had received a FREE gift card from one of the clubs I sponsor. FREE GIFTCARD. FREE STUFF. It said:
hello ....i recieved a gift card an came to use it.....when i touched the item i wanted this popped up...

[8:01] Frop! Vendor - Broken outifit: You have touched me to get a list of options. Please read the menus carefully and follow the directions. If you ignore the menu you may lose part of your credit if you interact with another vendor later.
[8:01] Frop! Vendor - Broken outifit: The credit exchange with your credit card has been started.
This may take a moment. We apologize for the delay.
Please do not start a transaction with another vendor. You may lose credit on your card and not get an item in exchange.

it has been 20 mins....and still nothing...
I am a bit upset please fix it. cause honestly i most likely will not be back.

What the hell? Fine, don't come back, because I really don't want to do business with people that don't understand that SL DOES have issues sometimes, and everything is NOT perfect. lol god.
So here's what I have to say to people like this.
A. SL sucks sometimes. I have no control over it.
B. I am more than happy to help people fix any issues they have from trying to use a FREE DAMN GIFTCARD, if you will be NICE and tell me what the issue is.
C. Don't act like a freaking as.

On to the new stuff.
It's called 'College Life - Dorm Set'
It's fun and blue! lol
Most of the pillows on the bed have different animations in them, and multi-avi's can sit all at once! Weeee.
Come check it out.
<3 Lawra.